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ESD Cut Gloves are essential for workers who handle or assemble electronic devices, such as electronics, automotive, and semiconductor engineers.

Using ESD Cut Gloves can provide the many benefits including worker safety and increase product quality. A company that works with sensitive electronics should consider anti-static cut resistant gloves for the following reasons:

  • ESD Gloves can protect sensitive components from electrostatic discharge (ESD), which can cause damage, failure, or increased warranty claims. In some applications, ESD gloves are even required according to ANSI ESD 20.20 industry standards.
  • Cut Gloves can protect employees from cuts and slashes from sharp objects and tools, which can cause injury, infection, or contamination.
  • Anti-static Cut Gloves can reduce the need for buying and keeping inventory of two different gloves, one for ESD protection and one for cut protection, which can save money, space, and time.

Choosing the right cut resistant glove can offer a dual benefit of safety and efficiency for a manufacturing company that works with electronics. MRO Essentials has a variety of ESD Gloves and two types of  Cut Resistant Gloves to consider. 

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