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Create an EPA with ESD Accessories

ESD Accessories are a commonly overlooked resource. Controlling static damage in manufacturing is crucial, and the first step is establishing an Electrostatic Protected Area (EPA). Within this designated zone, insulators like plastic must be eliminated and replaced with specialized anti-static products. These accessories are meticulously crafted to prevent static buildup and discharge.

What Are ESD Accessories?

Our anti-static accessories are made from anti-static materials, including metal, conductive rubber, and low-resistance plastic. These components effectively dissipate static charges, ensuring a safe environment for sensitive electronics and components. Look for the following features:

  1. Anti-Static Properties: Our accessories actively prevent static electricity accumulation.
  2. Industry Compliance: Each product bears ESD symbols and labels, signifying adherence to industry standards.
  3. Commonly Overlooked Items: Everyday items like pens, keyboards, and tapes can introduce plastic into your EPA. Opt for our ESD versions to maintain protection.

Choose Our Accessories for Peace of Mind: Safeguard your equipment and ensure a static-free workspace with our reliable ESD solutions.

  • ESD Office Equipment: Keyboard, Mouse, Desk Mats, Pens,
  • ESD Labels & Signs
  • Anti-Static Tapes & Dispensers
  • Conductive Trash Cans and Liners
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