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Static Care ESD Mat Workstation Ground Kit - 15' Common Point with Banana Plug, Universal Snap Kit, Banana Plug Adapter, 6' Coil Cord with Alligator Clip, Black Fabric Wrist Band 4mm

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ESD Mat Workstation Ground Kit quickly and conveniently creates an ESD & Static-Safe Workstation.

ESD Mat Workstation Ground Kit includes a universal snap kit, common point ground cord and wrist strap to earth yourself. Plug the common point ground cord into the outlet adapter and connect the snap to your mat. Included is a wrist strap and coil cord to connect to your common point ground and ground the operator.

  • COMPONENTS: Comes with a low profile Common Point Ground Cord that snaps to the mat and provides two banana jack receptacles to ground two operators working at the station. The common point ground features a banana plug at the end to easily ground yourself via the outlet adapter. Included is a snap kit to install to the mat of your choice. Use the included wrist strap set to ground personnel straight into the common point ground on your mat.
  • EASY INSTALLATION: The snap kit is installed into the mat with Philips head screw driver. The ground cord connects to that snap and the opposite end is connected to the outlet ground adapter via banana plug.
  • WRISTSTRAP SET: The band is standard with a 4mm male snap. The soft, black woven fabric and curved buckle wrist band allows the skin to breathe and makes it very comfortable to wear. The band uses hypoallergenic silver-plated nylon thread for conductivity.
  • OUTLET ADAPTER: Converts a standard three-prong electrical outlet into a universal groundable point for wrist straps and other grounding hardware with banana plugs.
  • MOBILE: The outlet adapter is an excellent accessory for grounding. Perfect for mobile situations - It is very easy to move and convenient to install so your can move to different outlets or locations as needed.

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