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BEMCOT M-3 – Static Dissipative Cleanroom Wipers

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BEMCOT M3 Wipers
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BEMCOT M3 wipers are static dissipative cleanroom ESD wipes that are suitable for nearly all electronic manufacturing and optical cleaning applications.

Bemcot wipers are for quick and easy wiping in cleanrooms and other working environments that demand the lowest levels of lint and particles. BEMCOT M3 is characterized by its low particle generation, high absorbency, high purity, high chemical resistance, high heat resistance, anti-static, ecoefficiency, enabling the high level of performance required for wipers for cleanrooms.

Bemcot M3 wipers can be used in various industries such as semiconductor, optical, medical, cosmetics, food & beverage, printed circuit boards, building maintenance, automobile, aircraft, LCD, magnetic tapes, oil, tools, equipment, glass, optics, etc.


  • Nonwoven, soft, and low-linting cotton wiper with excellent antistatic and heat resistance properties
  • Made out of cotton into a proprietary 100% cellulose filaments that absorbs 13 times its weight in liquid
  • No binders—safe to use with different solutions
  • Designed for use on sensitive electrical equipment, and in compact disk and magnetic tape industries
  • Apertured surface promotes particle removal
  • Static dissipative ESD wipes for all electronic manufacturing and optical cleaning applications
  • Complies with ANSI/ESD S20.20 ( per ANSI/ESD S11.11 & ANSI/ESD DS11.12 )
  • 100% knitted polyester
  • No carbon or metal fibers
  • Less than 100 volts tribo-charge
  • Good solvent resistance, lint-free


  • Entangled nonwoven fabric
  • 100% filament rayon composition.
  • 5” x 5” (12.7cm x 12.7cm) quarter fold
  • Cleanroom Class: Class 1000 (ISO6), Class 10,000 (ISO7), Class 100,000 (ISO8)
  • Absorption: High
  • Saturation: Dray
  • Particulate Release: Low
  • Sterility: Non-Sterile

Bemcot M3 Wipers are Made of Cotton which Offers the Following Benefits:

  • Superb liquid absorption and preservation
  • Each Bemcot fiber absorbs liquid and swells. Coupled with its special structure, its property allows Bemcot to absorb liquid 13 times its weight.
  • Antistatic
  • The fiber itself contains a moisture content of 11% in its standard condition (at 20°C, 65%RH) so that the possibility of static electricity generation is very slight.
  • Easy to burn out
  • Made out of cotton into a 100% cellulose wipe, Bemcot can be easily burnt after use, without producing toxic gases. In addition, it burns completely, facilitating the recovery of precious metals after wiping.
  • Excellence in heat resistance
  • Bemcot is carbonized at a temperature between 260 and 300°C. Unlike synthetic fibers, it does not dissolve at 150°C.
  • Ecologically safe
  • Bemcot is ecologically safe, being free from environmental contaminants

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