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BR4400 Series - Anti-Static Brushes

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Anti-Static ESD Brushes
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Anti-Static ESD Brushes are ideal cleaning solution for use in electronics, semi-conductors, PCB, LCD, SMT, and more where static electricity may be of concern.

The anti-static ESD brushes safely remove dust, dirt and other materials without generating significant, harmful static charges. The brushes are made with conductive plastic and non-static generating synthetic fibers which results in a surface resistivity of 10^3 ~ 10^8. Available in several sizes and styles for your unique application.

ESD brushes are used inside an ESD Protected Area to clean dust particles and solder debris from PCBs and other items that are easily damaged by static discharges.

The specially developed brushes are soft enough to clean delicate components that would otherwise be too dangerous with standard non-ESD safe brushes.

Create an EPA with an Anti-Static ESD Safe Brushes

A required step to controlling static damage in manufacturing is to create an EPA or a Electrostatic Protected Area.  Inside this area, you must remove all unnecessary insulators (such as plastic) and replace them with anti-static products, which are specially designed to prevent static buildup and discharge. These products are made of anti-static materials, such as metal or conductive rubber and plastic that have low resistance and can dissipate static charges to the ground. They also have ESD symbols and labels to indicate their compliance with the industry standards.   Use our ESD brushes to make sure your protected.

Meets or exceeds requirements of ANSI ESD-S20.20.


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