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ESD Grid Tape for ESD Sensitive Applications - 118 Feet Long

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Size: 1/2"
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1/2in ESD Grid Tape
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ESD Grid Tape is specifically designed to combat  electrostatic discharge (ESD) and EMI.

ESD Grid Tape is used within the EPA to mask or hold together components and circuit boards and effectively shields EMI & ESD sensitive components from damage. The tape is made of three layers -  a conductive grid buried between two static dissipating copolymer substrates. They provide an anti static non-sparking surface on both the inside and outside that will not shed, crack, chip, or rub off. They are packaged on a 3 inch core with an ESD symbol printed on the tape. These conductive tapes are used in packaging products that are static sensitive and require EMI shielding. They can be used for grounding as well.

  • RESISTIVITY: Conductive Grid Layer - 10e3-10e4 ohms/sq.
  • MATERIAL: Polypropylene
  • Adhesive: Acrylic
  • COLOR: Brown with ESD Symbol
  • APPLICATIONS: Aerospace Assembly, Masking Circuit Boards and Coils, Wafer Dicing Die Cutting, Optic Cables, and Solar Panels

Create an EPA with an Anti-Static ESD Grid Tape

A required step to controlling static damage in manufacturing is to create an EPA or a Electrostatic Protected Area.  Inside this area, you must remove all unnecessary insulators (such as plastic) and replace them with anti-static products, which are specially designed to prevent static buildup and discharge. These products are made of anti-static materials, such as metal or conductive rubber and plastic that have low resistance and can dissipate static charges to the ground. They also have ESD symbols and labels to indicate their compliance with the industry standards.  Tape is a commonly overlooked source of plastic in an EPA.  Use our ESD Grid Tape  to make sure your protected.

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