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Cut Resistant Anti-Static Gloves - Cut Level 3 - Finger Tip Coated - 12 pairs

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Level 3 Cut Resistant Anti-Static Gloves with High Dexterity! 

ESD cut gloves are worn when handling ESD sensitive items involving items that pose a cut risk. ESD cut resistant gloves protect sensitive items during assembly and inspection.

The Level 3 Cut Resistant Anti-Static Gloves are constructed with 18-gauge Ultra High Molecular Weight Polyethylene (UHMWPE) thread which provides great cut protection, outstanding abrasion and tear resistance. The gloves are rated ANSI Cut Level 3, which offers a basic level protection against cuts or punctures.  Polyurethane coated finger tips improve grip, while maintaining breathability. 

The ESD Cut Gloves  series gloves provide superior ESD protection because conductive carbon threads are combined with the cut resistant fibers to provide uniform static decay rates. Typical surface resistance is less than 10^7 ohms per ANSI/ESD STM15.1

Why Choose Anti-static Cut Resistant Gloves?

A company that works with sensitive electronics should choose to wear anti-static cut resistant gloves for the following reasons:

  • Anti-static cut resistant gloves can protect sensitive components from electrostatic discharge (ESD), which can cause damage, failure, or increased warranty claims
  • Anti-static cut resistant gloves can also protect employees from cuts and slashes from sharp objects and tools, which can cause injury, infection, or contamination.
  • Anti-static cut resistant gloves can reduce the need for buying and keeping inventory of two different gloves, one for ESD protection and one for cut protection, which can save money, space, and time.

Therefore, anti-static cut resistant gloves can offer a dual benefit of safety and efficiency for a manufacturing company that works with electronics.

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