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Earthing Desk Mat - 12"x40" - ESD Safe Black

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Earthing Desk Mat
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Use the Earthing Desk Mat to connect to Ground at your Computer or Workstation

Earthing Desk Mats are a ideal because a commonly overlooked source of ESD generating plastic is at your computer workstation. Mouse pads, pens, keyboards etc, are made with common plastic that generates a significant static charge. This threat can be removed when you create an static safe workspace with our ESD Desk Mat.  Most common desk pads are made of vinyl which is an insulator and a significant static generator.  The MP7575N mouse pad is made with two layers - a soft fabric top layer with a rubber ESD safe base layer that does not generate a significant charge.

A Earthing Desk Mat Connects to Ground Along with our Earthing Office Supplies

Have a complete grounded computer workstation with the following supplies:

  • ESD Mouse
  • ESD Keyboard
  • ESD Mouse Pad
  • ESD Tape
  • ESD Tape Dispensers
  • ESD Pens
  • ESD Calculator
  • ESD Scissors
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