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ESD Aisle Marking Warning Tape - Yellow

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Size: 2"
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ESD Aisle Marking Warning Tape 2 inches
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ESD Aisle Marking Warning Tape is yellow vinyl floor tape with bold black ESD symbols is perfect for marking off ESD safe areas.

ESD Aisle Marking Warning Tape Print reads “ESD SAFEGUARDED WORK AREA” with ESD symbol. This tape protects your products by notifying staff and visitors that static control precautions are needed. ESD Aisle Marking Tape allows you to establish the areas requiring static protective measures.  The tape is durable, tear resistant tape comes in 2" and 3” wide rolls in lengths of 36 yards.

  • Size: 2" & 3" wide rolls by 36 Yards long
  • Scuff-resistant vinyl plastic - Tough, durable floor tape
  • Quick-stick adhesive: Easy to adhere to floor
  • Bright yellow color: Excellent for aisle marking and area designation

Create an ESD Protected Area with ESD Aisle Marking Warning Tape 

Per ANSI/ESD20.20, caution signs indicating the existence of the Protected Area shall be posted and clearly visible to personnel prior to entry to the Protected Area.  Aisle Marking Tape is an excellent way to signal to your staff that ESD precautions must be taken in a specific area.  Place the tape on the floor around the perimeter of your ESD work area, to alert all personnel to take precautions.

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