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VinylSTAT FM7 ESD Conductive Chair Mats and Floor Runners

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Size: 3'x4'
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Anti-Static ESD Chair Mats are the perfect solution for grounding chairs or carts in an industrial or manufacturing environment.

The VinylSTAT FM7 Anti-Static ESD Chair Mats is made of a rigid conductive vinyl that protects carpets from wear and tear while providing a path-to-ground for static charges. The ESD properties of the matting are permanent and are unaffected by damage caused by moving furniture.  The material is also an excellent floor runner for general uses.

The FM7 mats are made from a single layer of conductive vinyl, 0.090” thick, die cut with a lip to fit under typical desks. Runners in various lengths and full 75' long rolls are also available.  The surface resistance of the matting is 10^3 - 10^6. Meets or exceeds requirements of ANSI/ESD S20.20 per ANSI/ESD STM7.1.

  • Provides an ESD Surface for Perfect for Wheeled Items like Chairs or Carts
  • Permanently Conductive
  • Made from Durable Rigid Vinyl
  • Available in Rolls, Runners, and Various Sizes
  • Made in the USA

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