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Earthing Ground Cord - 8ft Coil Cord with Two Banana Plugs Alligator Clips - No Resistor - Clip To Everything

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Earthing Ground Cord
Regular price $14.99
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Use this 8ft Earthing Ground Cord to safety connect items to Earth Ground.

The Earthing Ground Cord with two standard banana plugs and alligator clips to connect two items such as mats, clothing, sheets or ground cords to ground. The Cord has 2.5 mm polyurethane insulation that offers excellent cord life. Cords come in 8'' length with No Resistor.  Includes two alligator clips to connect to objects.
  • Cord use to connect two items together or connect items to Ground
  • Each end terminates with a standard banana plug (two total)
  • Includes two alligator clips
  • Length: 8'
  • Resistor: No Resistor.
  • Flex Life: > 50,000 flexes
  • Color: Black
  • Banana: Swivel type


Use with an Outlet Adapter to Ground yourself To Earth quickly and easily.

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