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ESD Label - “Attention Observe Precautions for Handling Electrostatic Sensitive Devices”

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ESD Label printed with “Attention Observe Precautions for Handling  Electrostatic Sensitive Devices”

The ESD Label printed with “Attention Observe Precautions for Handling  Electrostatic Sensitive Devices” is a yellow paper attention label comes on a 500 count roll. The permanent acrylic adhesive label provides a warning message for handling electrostatic sensitive devices.

  • Permanent adhesive
  • 500 per roll
  • LB9082: Size: 2" x 2"
  • LB9083:  Size:  4" x 4"

ESD Labels Information

ESD labels help to visibly distinguish products and spaces that demand static-protective measures such as manufacturing areas, walls, doors, boxes, and barrier bags. Our self-adhesive ESD caution labels are available in a variety of sizes. The labels are printed with a variety of ESD symbols which make them ideal for the marking of electrostatic sensitive devices.

  • ESD Susceptibility Symbol
    • The ESD Susceptibility Symbol is a yellow hand in a black triangle with a slash through the hand. The triangle represents "caution" and the slash means "Do not touch. The ESD susceptibility symbol should be used on assemblies and devices that have a sensitivity to ESD events.
  • ESD Protective Symbol
    • The ESD protective symbol differs from the ESD susceptibility symbol, by the addition of an arc around the outside of the triangle and the omission of the slash across the hand and the triangle. The ESD protective symbol should be used to identify items that are specifically designed to provide ESD protection for ESDS items

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