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Moveable Aluminum Tacky Mat Base Frames - With Case of 30 Sheet Tacky Mats

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Size: 18"x36"
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Cleanroom compatible metal tacky mat base frame provides a moveable base for mounting adhesive tacky mats instead of the floor.

Our metal tacky mat base frame provide a stable yet moveable base for tacky mats without the limitations of mats secured directly to the floor. Often, tacky mats use their own adhesion to mount directly on the floor at the entry of controlled environments but this is not always possible.  Carpeted, slick, damp or dirty floors may cause the mat to pull up, deform or perform poorly.  Additionally, traffic patterns may change or the mat is needed in another location altogether before all the layers are used.

Our metal tacky mat base frame are made with anodized aluminum beveled edges which creates a smooth transition for foot traffic or cart wheels. The plastic base is complete with a non-skid bottom. The aluminum frame has a finished, professional look that improves the appearance of tacky mats.  They are supplied fully assembled, ready for use, and are easy to clean.

Our mat frames are a dependable solutions for use in cleanrooms, semiconductor manufacturing, food industry, aerospace, laboratories, surgery rooms, as well as home, office, garage, construction and other environments that demand cleanliness. 

  • Moveable, Secure Base for Tacky mats
  • Anodized Aluminum Edges With Beveled Edges, Non-Skid Bottom For Traffic
  • Clean Finished Look to Improve Tacky Mat Appearance
  • Keep Controlled Environments Free and Clear from Dirt Contamination

Fits Tacky Mat Sizes: 18x36; 24”x36”; 26”x45”.  Some trimming of the tacky mat may be required.

 Includes a case of four 30 Sheet Tacky Mats with Aluminum Frame!


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