PDT78PV - Verification Unit for the PDT700K and PDT800K


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PDT78PV Verification unit for the PDT700K and PDT800K combo testers verify that they are operating correctly.

The PDT78PV Verification unit for the PDT700K and PDT800K combo testers simulate a functional and non-functional wrist straps/footwear are available to verify that the combo tester is functional.  It is recommended to verify proper working order with the PDT78PV  periodic verification unit at least once per year.

The PDT78PV is a resistance box with fixed 5% precision resistors. Resistance decade boxes can quickly and accurately simulate resistance for quickly testing the accuracy of ESD testers and meters. Resistance is the opposition to the passage of an electric current through an electrical conductor. Measured in ohms, and defined by Ohm’s Law as equal to voltage divided by current, resistance is one of the most basic of electrical measurements.

  • Verify that the PDT700K and PDT800K combo tester are operating correctly.
  • Resistance Box with Fixed 5% Precision Resistors
  • Selectable Test Range of 100K~1G.




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