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Ptec Ionizing Nozzles Tips

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Ionizing Nozzles Tips Change Airflow of Ionizers To Handle Difficult Point-Of-Use Ionizer Applications

These ionizing nozzles tips can handle unique and difficult point-of-use ionization applications with interchangeable nozzle tips. Change airflow of the IN3425, IN3425PE, IN4000, IN4000PE, IN4200, IN4200PE and IN6430 ionizers with output nozzles tips. The following tips may be substituted depending on the application.

• N0010: Standard – Creates a 15° output of air
• N0020: Wide Angle – Creates a 90° output of air
• N0030: Luer Lock – Allows you to attached a flexible tube to ionizers (tube is not included)
• N0040: Long Range – A 2″ long extension tube with a 15° output of air
• N0050: Bendable – This is a metal tube which can be bent and stays into the desired position.
• N0060: Manifold – A perforated tube which creates a wall of air. N0060 Lengths: 6″,8″,12″,16 and 18″ long

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