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RubberSTAT D8 Anti-Static ESD Rubber Table Mat - Cut Mats

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Size: 2' x 3'
Color: Green
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Protect your static sensitive devices with our Anti Static Anti-Static ESD Rubber Table Mat.

Anti-Static ESD Rubber Table Mat are designed to protect sensitive equipment, such as computers and electronics components, by safely drawing static electricity away from these components and eliminating them to earth ground. These mats work two fold: creating a safe, static free work area and by protecting the surface below from wear-and-tear from harsh processes.

  • TESTED AND PROVEN: Our Anti-Static ESD Rubber Table Mat have been independently tested and meets or exceeds all industry standards for anti-static worksurfaces.
  • EXCELLENT QUALITY: Premium 0.080″ thick ESD table mats protect your sensitive items as well as your work surface.
  • ESD SOLDERING MAT: This mat is essential when working with soldering equipment in a static controlled environment. The ESD mats protect up to 240 degrees Fahrenheit in case of solder drips and splashes. These rolls offer excellent resistance to oil, grease and most common solvents, hot solders and soldering irons.
  • ANTI-STATIC APPLICATIONS: Great for both Home and Business Electronics Repair, Hobbies, Aerospace Assembly, Electronic Manufacturing, Electronic Repairs, Fiber Optics, Hospitals, Medical Assembly, and Soldering.
  • ESD PROTECTION: The ESD mats have an electrical resistance of less than 1.0×10^9 ohms which ensures reliable ESD protection for the life of the mat. ESD products are primarily used to prevent electronic circuit boards and other electronic products from electrostatic charge. Static control is critical during electronic manufacturing.

How Anti-Static ESD Rubber Table Mat Work?  Ground Your Mat and Yourself

Th grounding kit included with the ESD mats allows you to ground the worksurface as well as the users.  Install the universal snap kit in your desired location on the mat. The ground cord connects to that snap and then is connected to a ground point in the area (usually the center screw of an outlet). The ground cord contains two ports which allows you to connect up to two wrist band and coil cords to ground the user. For large mats, we recommend installing snaps every 10 feet. 

ESD mats are designed to eliminate static on its surface and of objects placed upon it. It does this by having a conductive material embedded within the mat that collects the static and sends it to ground. This is usually accomplished by connecting the mat to ground (typically the center screw of an outlet) with a ground cord. It’s important to discharge at a slow rate, therefore a resistor in the ground cord is recommended (included in the ground cord)

 Anti-Static ESD Rubber Table Mat According to Industry Standards

According to ANSI/ESD S20.20, an acceptable ESD Safe Work Surface will have a point-to-point and a point-to-groundable point resistance of less than 1.0×10^9 ohms. The RubberSTAT D8 series ESD matting meet the point-to-point and point-to-groundable point resistance requirements of ANSI/ESD S20.20 when tested at both low and moderate relative humidity with a resistance meter. The material has been independently tested and meets or exceeds all industry standards for worksurfaces.

ESD Mats In Use


Cleaning of the ESD rubber mat should be done with water or an approved ESD Mat Cleaner. Common household cleaners should be avoided because they may contain silicon, which can affect the ESD performance of the mat.

Product Attributes




10.0 lb


  • Material

    Premium NBR
  • Thickness

  • Surface resistance

    8 x 10^6 - 10^8 ohms
  • Standards

  • Appearance

    ESD Rubber With A Color Top Layer and a Black Bottom Layer