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Static Care ESD Adjustable One Size Fits All Anti Static Heel Grounder Straps

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One Size Fits All Anti Static Heel Grounder Straps grounds yourself with long lasting stretch Hook & Loop closure!

The One Size Fits All Anti Static Heel Grounder Straps provides quick and effective way of earthing  - or discharging the electrostatic build up on the body  - during normal walking or standing activities in the home, work, lab or manufacturing environment. This ESD foot strap is meant to connect the person wearing them to earth ground.  Best use with a proper grounded floor mat or flooring material. The foot strap is made of non marking durable rubber with 18" ribbon with buried 1M ohm resistor. Wearing the conductive ribbon inside the shoe or sock assures proper electrical contact with the user.

  • ONE SIZE FITS ALL design makes it great and reliable for small and large shoes worn by either men or women in the lab or manufacturing environment. The reversable cup design of the ESD heel grounder can be reversed so that doubles the life span of the product
  • ALLOWS FREEDOM OF MOVEMENT AROUND THE LAB OR MANUFACTURING environment without the restriction of a wrist strap tethering you to a bench. It provides protection during standing or moving while allowing the person to carry out normal everyday activities at work without interruption. The easy installation of the foot strap makes them highly desirable in the electronic industry.
  • HOOK AND LOOP DESIGN MAKES IT EASY TO USE. These heel grounders are made of stretch hook and loop for a secure but comfortable fit.
  • DURABLE: Made of a highly durable ESD rubber. The out portion of the foot strap is conductive black layer and inner white portion of the strap is a dissipative white.
  • APPLICATIONS: Grounding/Earthing, controlling electrostatic discharge, protecting electronic components, parts and computers inside the lab or manufacturing environment with proper use of ESD mat or flooring material.

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