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StaticAIRE Still Air Ionizer - Model IN1000

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The IN1000 StaticAIRE Still Air Ionizer eliminates Static in confined areas without airflow

The IN1000 StaticAIRE Still Air Ionizer quickly and effectively eliminates static without using airflow. It’s designed for use in a variety of localized applications where space is limited and is ideal for installation inside equipment. The IN1000 is an ideal product for mini-environments, analytical laboratories and cleanrooms.

The StaticAIRE Ionizer was designed to be virtually maintenance-free. The IN1000 is factory set to achieve a maximum balanced ion output in standard, non-air assisted applications. Balance and pulse rate can be adjusted quickly to achieve optimal performance with trimpots located on the front of the ionizer.

  • Quickly Eliminate Static Charges in Localized Areas without Airflow
  • Effective ionization range: 12″
  • Ideal Where Space Is Limited and Installed Inside Equipment
  • Easy Adjustment and Calibration

Meets or exceeds requirements of ANSI/ESD S20.20 per ASNI/ESD STM3.1

Verification and Calibration of the IN1000 StaticAIRE Still Air Ionizer :

The IN1000 ionizer comes factory calibrated and with a calibration certificate. Ionizer performance can be tested and verified with a charge plate monitor. Important tests to perform are positive and negative decay times and ion balance. It is recommended to test ionizer performance at least 1 per year.

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