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VT1000 Electrostatic Volt Meter

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The VT1000 Electrostatic Volt Meter designed to measure the static voltage on the surface of isolated conductors and much more.

VT1000 Electrostatic Volt Meter can be used in accordance with testing standards including  ANSI/ESDS20.20, ANSI/ESDTR53, IEC61340-5-1, JESD625-B, GJB3007. The VT1000 is easy to use, highly reliable and can be used to measure the charge accumulation during manufacturing, transportation, and testing. It can be used in a variety of applications include engineering, maintenance, quality control, incoming material inspection, manufacturing and training, among others.

    VT1000 Electrostatic Volt Meter is designed with a long probe, which provides flexibility and makes it suitable for the applications inaccessible for typical large and heavy handheld electrostatic testers. By changing different probes, single-point and different surface area measurements can be performed to achieve higher voltage resolution. A hand-held probe is included in its standard configuration, which can be used to test human walking voltage.



    • Hand-Held, Easy-To-Use Meter To Measure Voltage On Surfaces Such as Isolated Conductors & Perform The Walking Test on ESD Floors
    • Applications Include Engineering, Maintenances, Quality Control, Material Inspection, and Manufacturing
    • Measuring Range: + 0 ~ 20 kV
    • Two Probes: Long, Single Point Probe, and Handheld Probe
    • LCD Screen Displays Information, Hold Function Stores the Max & Min Measurement Values


    • Meets the requirements in ANSI/ESD S20.20 for the testing of isolated conductors in ESD protected areas.
    • Meets the requirements in IEC 61340-5-1 for the testing of isolated conductors in ESD protected areas.
    • Meet the technical management requirements in GJB3007A-2009 for the testing of static electricity.
    • Meet the anti-static area management rules in T/CEIA-1002 for the testing of isolated conductors.

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