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Warmbier METRISO® 3000 High Resistance Test Kit

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The Warmbier METRISO® 3000 High Resistance Test Kit is capable of measuring a wide resistance range and complete the tests required for an ESD protection plan.

The Warmbier METRISO® 3000 High Resistance Test Kit measures a wide range of values: low resistance from 1KilaOhm to 1.2 TeraOhm. The kit comes with two 5lb disc probes and has an integrated temperature and humidity gauge. Measuring voltage can be set between 10 - 500V and also be varied if desired.

  • Perform resistance tests such as resistance point-to-point and resistance to ground measurements to evaluate items for ESD compliance
  • Large test range: 1 KOhm to 1.2 TOhm
  • Store up to 50,000 test values and create reports with included software
  • Results displays on LCD screen
  • Comes with 5lb probe set and hand probe
  • Comes in conductive case with handle
  • Tests temperature and humidity automatically
  • USB communication port for data transmission
  • The supplied Report Generating Software ETC allows to generate a complete test report
  • Humidity and temperature sensor
  • A barcode scanner can be used in order to record measurement points before testing
  • Menu language: German/English/French/Spanish


All measured values can be stored in the instrument and, with the help of the included software transferred to PC via USB cable. With the software program readings can be handled, stored and measurement protocols can be printed.

METRISO 3000 can be supplemented with various probes; miniprobe (7220.840.SET) for control of e.g trays and conveyer lines, ringprobe (7220.880.SET) and handprobe for control of resistance to floors and shoes.

Test Performed

  • Resistance-to-ground
  • Resistance-point-to-point
  • Resistance-to-groundable-point
  • Volume resistance (with optional metal plate)
  • Measures temperature and humidity


  • Evaluate packaging materials
  • Evaluate garments
  • Measure flooring, work surfaces and furniture resistance

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